AgriSuite Online® Articles 2014

Animal Prices on AgriSuite®

Animal Prices On AgriSuite®

18 December 2014
Xolile Dlamini

Farmers need market price information that is timely, accurate, easily accessible and efficient to assist them in their marketing decisions. They struggle to access updated market price... Read more

Africulture in the city urbanisation with AgriSuite®

Agriculture in the city - Urbanisation with AgriSuite Online®

08 December 2014
Thembeka Zengele

South Africa has, over the years, implemented strategies to improve human development by amongst others, creating job opportunities across the country. Human development is strongly linked... Read more

The AgriSuite® Discussion Forum

The AgriSuite Online® Discussion Forum

01 December 2014
Jeanne-Louise Bekker

A discussion forum is an online platform used for exchanging information between a group of people about a particular topic. It provides a venue for questions, answers... Read more

Placing bids and offers on AgriSuite Online®

Bids and offers on AgriSuite Online®

24 November 2014
Jeanne-Louise Bekker

AgriSuite® has a Classified Section where farmers and suppliers can look for, and advertise items like tools, equipment, services and other products that may be used by farmers and users of the system. In addition... Read more


Fresh Produce Markets in AgriSuite®

17 November 2014
Portia Maibelo

All farmers, regardless of their scale of operation, need to find the best possible markets for their produce. Fresh Produce Markets are one of the outlets that serve... Read more

AgriSuite® Classiefieds a targeted audience

AgriSuite® Classifieds, a targeted audience

10 November 2014
Jeanne-Louise Bekker

The Classifieds section on AgriSuite Online® provides users with a platform to target specific audiences within the agricultural community. This article describes the Classifieds... Read more

An overview of climate data on AgriSuite®

An overview of climate data on AgriSuite®

03 November 2014
Juanita van Zyl

Weather and indirectly climate, affects our lives on a daily basis. While weather (Temperature, Precipitation, Humidity, Wind, and Atmospheric Pressure) refers to... Read more

An overview of animal production on AgriSuite®

An overview of Animal production information on AgriSuite®

27 October 2014
Colleen Janse van Rensburg

In South Africa, 80 % of land is classified as agricultural land. With only 11 % of it being used for crop production the remaining 69 % is considered grazing land making livestock the ... Read more

An overview of crop production on AgriSuite®

An overview of Crop production information on AgriSuite®

13 October 2014
Dr John Lapham

AgriSuite® provides a platform for the dissemination of agricultural information across a wide range of IT devices from desk-top computers to smart phones. Consequently the users of the application are likely to come from an equally... Read more




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